Before your departure

Preparations for Lund University students nominated for exchange

There is a lot to think about before you go on a student exchange. You will need to find out most things on your own. Make sure that you are well-informed about insurance, visa, vaccinations, student finance and accommodation!

To read and watch before your departure

Overview of key preparations before your departure

The video below and the Time to Go brochure give an overview of the key preparations you need to make before your exchange. 

For more specific information on CSN, grants and scholarships, vaccinations and international health and travel, see the links below. 

Your insurance during the exchange

During the exchange, you are covered by an insurance that can, for example, help you if you need emergency medical care or get robbed. Learn more about what the insurance does and does not cover, and other key information and preparations, by watching the video below. 

You can find more information about the Student Out insurance and the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) by using the links below. 

Other students' experiences

Going on an exchange is quite a process. Is it really all that it's cracked up to be?

The Erasmus mobility grant within Europe

If you are going on exchange within Europe, you need to apply for the Erasmus mobility grant. You will need to provide documentation before, during and after your exchange to be eligible for this grant. 

Adapting to a new environment

Getting started with your studies in another country is of course exciting but can be challenging at the same time. The Student Health Centre gives advice that may help you with this transition. 

Being a student ambassador abroad

In order for our future students to be able to study abroad, we are dependent on students wanting to come Lund. Our student ambassadors are invaluable in that respect. 

Representing LU during your exchange can both be fun and rewarding for you. 

Apply for scholarships

If you have been accepted to exchange studies within the Nordic countries or Europe, you can apply for the Nordplus or Erasmus+ scholarships.

If you have been accepted to exchange studies outside of Europe, you can apply for the Craaford Foundation travel grant.

There are also other scholarships that you can apply for as a student at Lund University.